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Image by Patrick Tomasso
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Jo's Traveling Bar

At Jo's Traveling Bar we specialize in helping you enjoy your party, whether it is a wedding, company party, concert, grand opening, festival, corporate event, fundraiser, or anything in-between.  All the details are taken care of.  It is so easy - no bottles of liquor, mix, or juice to buy, haul and set up.  Jo's Traveling Bar brings it.  No need to find someone to miss the event and stand behind the bar making drinks.  Jo's has professional bartenders who know how to make all the drinks, from martinis to Manhattans.  All with the style and flare that experience brings.

Liberty Homestead Mobile Bar

Henry our 1953 Chevy Meant for large groups: with a custom-built box and 4 taps Pictured at Nampa's beautiful Mint Barrel Barn Wedding Venue

Liberty Homestead Logo
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