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My name is Gage Horne, the owner of Gage Horne Studios. I started my company in 2019 (officially) but have been doing video work starting at the age of 11. It started as uploading gaming videos on YouTube, to shooting professional dance films in college, to starting my own video production service. I found true passion in video work when I filmed my first project behind the camera. Not many can sit down in a chair and edit for 10 hours straight, but I am one of those people that find it extremely satisfying and fulfilling seeing something I shot come to life. Capturing couples moments and finding intriguing/interesting ways to display those moments is what keeps me creative and constantly getting better.

About Us

I got my bachelors in Mass Communication w/ an emphasis in visual communication at Idaho State University. But I will be the first to tell you that I learned most of what I know and how to grow a business from simply getting into the field and doing it. Being a "nerd" early on and being so tech savvy at an early age really paid off when I decided to full on launch this business. I like to give college some credit but at heart, it comes down to how hard you want it. Now being "post-covid" quote on quote, we found our business taking off with more work than we've ever had. I have always had a love of creating things since I was that 11 year old on an old HP computer editing with Pinnacle Studios in a small bedroom. Cheers to moments that last forever.

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