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About Us

About Us


Greetings, I'm Gage Horne, the founder of Gage Horne Studios, established in 2019. My journey into the realm of videography began in childhood, capturing my imagination at the tender age of 11. What started as a hobby uploading gaming videos to YouTube evolved into a fervent passion for creating visual stories, from professional dance films in college to launching my own production service.

The moment I stood behind the camera for my first project, I discovered my true calling. Few can claim the patience and satisfaction derived from spending hours in the editing suite, transforming raw footage into compelling narratives. It's in this creative crucible that I thrive, meticulously crafting each frame to capture the essence of the moment and presenting it in innovative ways that keep my work fresh and engaging.

A picture of Gage Horne, Boise Idaho Wedding Videographer, at his wedding day outside the Red Lion in Pocatello Idaho
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I Earned My Bachelor's Degree

in Mass Communication with an emphasis on Visual Communication from Idaho State University. However, the most valuable lessons came from immersing myself in the field, where hands-on experience and a relentless drive to succeed have been my greatest teachers. My early fascination with technology and being a self-proclaimed "nerd" laid the foundation for my success in the competitive business landscape.

In the post-COVID era, Gage Horne Studios has experienced unprecedented growth, taking on more projects than ever before. This surge in demand is a testament to our dedication to excellence and the timeless appeal of our work. My love for creation, rooted in childhood experimentation with an old HP computer and Pinnacle Studios, has blossomed into a career that celebrates life's most precious moments.

Join me in celebrating the art of video, where every project is an opportunity to capture the fleeting beauty of now for the enjoyment of future generations. Here's to creating lasting memories together.

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